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CU Boulder Ranks Higher Than CSU and DU in National Rankings Showdown

September 19th, 2023

The recently released US News and World Report rankings have shed light on the positions of several prominent Colorado universities in the National Universities category. These rankings are highly anticipated each year, as they provide valuable insights into the academic standing and reputation of educational institutions across the United States. The University of Colorado Boulder, a flagship institution in the state, secured the 105th spot in the National Universities rankings. Known for its stunning campus nestled against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, CU Boulder has long been recognized... Read More

Why CU Is Better Than CSU (A Comprehensive List)

September 9th, 2023

The long established rivalry between the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State has, and will continue to be, a relevant one. I present an unbiased and comprehensive list as to why, once and for all, CU is on top. Our mascot would win in a fight The view, of course Campus is modeled after Tuscany The city of Boulder itself We have a stadium that is actually on campus CU has a designated college area (the Hill) Popular bands want to stop in Boulder CU is ranked 182nd out of all world universities…CSU is ranked 441st. (top universities.com) You get what you pay for Our parties... Read More

Who Would Win In A Fight?

August 30th, 2019

The Rocky Mountain Showdown has notoriously brought out the worst (or best) of the rivalry between CU and CSU. Each year, the Rams and Buffs compete not only on the field but off the field, too. Students wear their schools gear, talk mad sh** to each other, and pray that their team wins. This year, the CSU mascot Cam the Ram died before making it to Sports Authority Field. Some think that his death was a bad omen, causing the Ram’s to lose the game, while others believe that Cam sacrificed himself for the sins of the CSU kicker. Either way though, the Buffs came out on top this year. The... Read More

The Week That Was: A Full Week of Sports in 600 Words

October 16th, 2018

One of the difficulties of trying to write a weekly Colorado sports article is focusing on the biggest story of the week, and timing it within the deadline provided.  Follow that up with the challenge of informing and entertaining the reader in 600 words or less, and the problem becomes compounded.  Within the last ten days the Colorado Rockies had a playoff series, the Denver Broncos played twice, the CU Buffs traveled to USC, the Colorado Avalanche were five games into the start of the hockey season, while the Denver Nuggets were just hours from their NBA opener. And that’s just Colorado! ... Read More

CSU Hoops – Time’s Up

March 13th, 2018

The Colorado State University Men’s basketball program has a major problem.  Head coach Larry Eustachy and interim coach Steve Barnes were forced out for their treatment of players. The program finished with a record of 11-21 and their only internal candidate is a second-year assistant coach whose apex include three years as the head coach at Northwestern Kansas Technical College. To put it lightly, the Rams are in trouble. But what if I told you that the perfect coaching candidate is just a phone call away. A current NBA assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs under Greg Popovich, a former... Read More

Tailgating season is finally here!!

September 3rd, 2016

Friday September 2nd was the kick off to tailgating season due to CU’s first game against our rival, CSU. We start off every season against them because, what gets the fans more pumped than squashing the team we hate most? This game is especially important for freshman and seniors. For freshman, it is the beginning of fun times ahead with college sports. High school football games may have been exciting but they don’t quite compare to how spirited college football games can be. For seniors, this is the last rival game where everyone comes together in the parking lot of the stadium to get drunk... Read More

Why You Chose Boulder and Not foco.

September 17th, 2014

  First and foremost, this is not an attempt to bash FOCO or any CSU students/alumni/[fans]? I actually don’t mind Fort Collins and their school. The fact of the matter is, we need both schools and while the university and the town shape us as individuals, the towns and schools are awesome in their own ways. So why did you choose CU? Sure, we may know how to “out-party” CSU, scratch that, we DO know how to out-party them. But, that’s not why we’re here. Hopefully most of you chose CU for our academics, but there are many that make the final decision based off culture, whether realizing... Read More

Colorado Football and the Spirit of CU

September 6th, 2013

With the beginning of a new football season underway, it’s hard not to notice the change in disposition among CU students and the city of Boulder. You can feel it on campus, on the Hill, downtown, and in living rooms across the city; finally, we’ve got a football team worth talking about (instead of sighing about). Students, their families, alumni and Boulderites everywhere are unraveling their dusty CU flags and waving them with pride, adorning themselves with Colorado T-Shirts and other CU paraphernalia before stepping out the door to greet their neighbors with, “How ’bout... Read More