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The Rich are Fleeing to Underground Bunkers Across the Nation; is Boulder Next?

April 5th, 2020

Banish the idea of an underground bunker being a cement jail cell. The rich are leaving to their underground bunkers in droves, from South Dakota to Kansas to Germany, to ultra-comfortable, ultra-chic underground bunkers that are exploding in popularity. One specialist says that proprietors of the bunkers have helicopters on the standby just in case they need to make an urgent exit, and waiting for them are below-ground swimming pools, tennis courts and gourmet food rations. If you’re not super-rich, one millenial is capitalizing on selling the middle class bunkers that start as low as $36,000.... Read More

Travel like an MVP with High End Transportation

October 28th, 2017

When Heather and I flew out to Portland, OR for The 420 Games we had the experience of a lifetime. Heather took 2nd place in Oregon, and being our first time in Portland, we had a great adventure. As much fun as we had, the highlight of our trip was the ride to and from the airport with High End Transportation. We had the pleasure of riding in the Tesla. Our driver’s name was Toni, who drives the Tesla often enough to be nicknamed, Toni Tesla. She was so nice and friendly. Our conversation made the trip even better, and Toni really made us feel like we were riding with family. The ride was a... Read More