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Colorado to Allow Online Sale of Marijuana Under Emergency Ruling

April 15th, 2020

After a brief shut down of dispensaries, they have been deemed essential, with many offering curbside pickup to prevent people from coming inside. However, being a cash-only business, there have been some fears over handling money. Now, under Colorado’s emergency ruling, customers will be allowed to pay for marijuana online to prevent handling cash on either side of the transaction. “We have an opportunity to prove that cannabis businesses can run these operations and do so effectively under extremely dire circumstances,” said Morgan Fox, a spokesman for the Denver-based National Cannabis... Read More

Top 10 Work From Home Jobs

March 29th, 2020

1. Bookkeeping $25-100/hr You don’t have to have an extensive knowledge of math to be a bookkeeper; learn the basics of QuickBooks and you’ll be able to offer your services to anyone. 2. Virtual Assistant $25-150/hr Virtual assistant jobs usually consist of basic, but time consuming tasks that companies want delegated elsewhere, including customer service, admin, or emailing clients. 3. Data entry $15-35/hr Data entry is easy and requires little skill other than transferring data, which makes it more competitive to get a job in this field. 4. Customer Service Representative $15-40/hr Having... Read More