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Looking Back: CU’s Controversial Buffalo Pool is Officially Open

As a student, I was witness to the Buffalo Pool’s construction over the course of my most recent semester. I stood on the other side of the surrounding chain link fence, hoping that I would one day get to jump into this mystical animal-shaped pool, which was nothing but a mess of dirt and construction […]

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Faces of Boulder – Alex!

This is Alex, one business idea at a time. Alex is a rare breed of Moroccan, English and American blood. Having spent his primary school life in Philadelphia, Alex now studies marketing and advertisement as a senior at CU. He has a fascination (as well as a deep knowledge) of health and nutrition and he […]

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photo via http://www.colorado.edu/recreation/fitness-wellness

Why Buy the Be Fit Pass?

The Be-Fit pass that CU offers students is between $50-$75 a semester depending on when you buy it. Although this sounds like a solid amount of cash to hand over to the University, it easily qualifies as one of the best purchase decisions I’ve made this past semester, and I plan on making it again […]

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