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Playing To Your Strengths

January 19th, 2015

I talk a lot of about creating habits and persevering through any and all adversity. It is extremely important to develop strong habits to help you persevere when things get tough, but what is equally important is self-awareness and putting yourself in a great environment. When I talk about self-awareness, I mean understanding yourself at an incredibly deep level. Understanding what you enjoy and what you naturally have an affinity for. I spent 4 -1/2 years in Engineering school and while I learned a ton and enjoyed a lot of aspects of engineering, I knew deep down that it was not a good career... Read More

I Am The Greatest

November 10th, 2014

This is a tribute to “The Greatest” boxer and inspiration of all time. He was once recorded as having an IQ of 78. His response was, “I said I was the prettiest, not the smartest.” His remarkable intelligence was immeasurable and stretched far beyond the realm of a simple IQ test. At 22 years old, he knew things that the brightest minds in the world did not know. He understood the power of thoughts and how to transform them into reality. He understood the law of attraction. He understood psychology. He understood that confidence could be developed and self-doubt could be crushed with the... Read More