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Boulder Bicycle Duo On The Waneka Leg For Tuesday And Faces Of The Day

Lake Waneka is something for everyone including serious bicycle riders. This pair of athletes were taking in the Waneka Lake loop, the path around the lake, as part of their journey through Boulder today. I asked where they were riding today. The answer was “all over Boulder.” From the casual way in which they wore […]

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Boulder Dogs Of The Day: Siberian Huskies Enjoying Waneka

This beautiful Boulder pair of Siberian Huskey, Mika and Kona I believe, were enjoying the weather at Lake Waneka. The pup on our left has Heterochromia, two different color eyes. Siberian Huskies are a breed known not just for their remarkable endurance and willingness to work but also for their stunning and diverse appearance. Originating […]

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Boulder’s Heroic Waneka: The Rescue Dog with a YouTube Channel

Doesn’t every Boulder dog have their own YouTube channel? Ours does! AboutBoulder is thrilled to share Gibson (Big G) . His you tube channel is TD & Big G’s Colorado Adventures  As we all know, living in Boulder IS an adventure! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC30vHDm3gT1n4PnBVHZGE6w

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