The holidays are quickly approaching and the entirety of the nation begins to go into an extreme panic about what they are going to get their family and friends for Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever the celebration is. One of the many things that makes Boulder a wonderful town is that there are shops literally on every corner. Check out some of these stores to find the ideal gifts for your loved ones.

Oh yes, you’re going to have to submerge yourself in the overwhelming, overcrowded, glorious place called Peppercorn. One of my all time favorite stores, besides the fact that you get an anxiety attack every time you step foot inside. There are kitchen supplies, and home decorating items that will suit any mom, sister, or the occasional brother who loves to cook!
McGuckin Hardware
This is every man’s fantasy. From spray paint and wood stainer to hacksaws, drills and grills, McGuckin Hardware is the prime location for that one person in your life that lives by the motto “rub some dirt in it”. Give them a gift certificate or pick out one of the many fishing rods that this local HomeDepot has to offer.
Urban Outfitters
Not only does Urban Outfitters have some of the most comfortable, stylish clothes imaginable, they also have some of the best trinkets that Boulder can provide. A record player? Sure! How about a painting of a pug in a sweater? Yep, they have it! For your quirky, eccentric friends, this is the place to shop.
Earth Bound Trading Co.
Boulder is known for it’s spirituality, for it’s unique culture, and let’s face it, the hippie population and Earth Bound has exactly what your chakra finding friends need. There are salt lamps with positive energy, crystals, funky jewelry, and of course tapestries of all shapes and colors for every occasion.