Nature World News compiled a list for where outdoorsy people are moving to, and Boulder, CO has topped the list. People seek outdoorsy places to live because of the stated relief in anxiety levels, stress busting, better cognitive benefits, enhanced immune system and many more.

The first city in the list of preferred outdoorsy cities in US include Boulder at the top ranking. The city offers a perfect opportunity to lead a contended life with best amenities at disposal and amazing accommodation options. Moreover, the city has some of the best schools in the US and also a low crime rate. The outdoor activities options Boulder offers include biking through the Chautauqua Park, rock climbing at Eldorado Canyon and fly fishing in Boulder Creek.

For these seeking a healthier lifestyle and a break from the monotony of the daily hustle and bustle, moving to Boulder has all the advantages of wide open spaces as well as a vibrant city life close by.

Here are some of the top outdoor activities to do in Boulder:

  1. Hiking: Boulder has many hiking trails, with varying levels of difficulty, that offer stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Some popular hikes include Chautauqua Park, Mount Sanitas, and Boulder Creek Path.
  2. Rock climbing: With its rocky terrain, Boulder is a popular destination for rock climbers. There are many places to climb, including the Flatirons, Eldorado Canyon State Park, and Boulder Canyon.
  3. Biking: Boulder is a bike-friendly city, with many bike lanes and trails. Some popular bike trails include Boulder Creek Path and South Boulder Creek Trail.
  4. Skiing and snowboarding: Boulder is located near several ski resorts, including Eldora Mountain Resort and Winter Park Resort.
  5. Kayaking and paddleboarding: Boulder has several lakes and reservoirs that are perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding. Some popular spots include Boulder Reservoir and Standley Lake.
  6. Fishing: Boulder has many streams and rivers that are great for fishing, including Boulder Creek and the South Platte River.
  7. Trail running: With its scenic trails, Boulder is a great place for trail running. Some popular trails include Chautauqua Park, Sanitas Valley Trail, and Betasso Preserve.
  8. Camping: There are several campgrounds in and around Boulder, including the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park.
  9. Yoga: Boulder is home to many yoga studios and outdoor yoga classes, making it a great place to practice yoga in a beautiful outdoor setting.