The Open Space and Mountain Parks system is one of the few on the Colorado Front Range that allows dog guardians to walk their dogs off-leash. This opportunity is only available if dogs are responsibly controlled by voice and sight and wear a voice and sight dog tag. It is a demanding standard for both dogs and their guardians.
  • Valmont Dog Park.
  • Foothills Community Park
  • Romero’s K9 Club & Tap House
  • Davidson Mesa Scenic Overlook
  • Louisville Dog Park
  • Great Bark Park
  • Autrey Park
  • Gunbarrel Commons Park


Getting dogs to cooperate for a picture was sometimes pretty difficult, but other times, like with this husky, it seemed as though Boulder’s dogs knew exactly how to pose for the cameras. (Photo: Joseph Wirth)


This blood hound was thirsty waiting his turn in line for the water bucket at the dog park. (Photo: Joseph Wirth)