Zinn Cycles celebrated 40 years in business yesterday with a social event at their new location in Louisville (pictured below). Congrats on your successes and for making Boulder County a better place!

Be sure to click below to see the 40 year history timeline.

Starting in 1982, we at Zinn Cycles have been working to make cycling more enjoyable for our customers, and that commitment remains at the heart of everything we do. We express it by building custom bicycles that fit great, perform well, and are thoroughly thought-out for their owners’ needs. And it does not stop with the frames; our cranks and our forks are specifically designed for our customers, and the components we select and how we set them up are tailored for them as well. Lennard Zinn also created his books and maintenance DVDs out of that same commitment to empower the reader or watcher to be more comfortable with their bike, which then attracts us to ride more. We each can only do so much to save the world; fortunately cycling is something we all share that is good for the earth as well as for us both in the moment and in the long term. Click here to see our 40 year history timeline.


Lennard and Sonny Zinn