Eric the Viking is a long time Boulder, Colorado resident and business owner. Eric is a world traveler and award winning tapped in tuned in human being.  In addition, Eric is a talented Chef and Wine Connoisseur. The picture is at one of the Viking’s top secret wine cellars.

If you own a dog or pet in Boulder County, Eric is the guy to call! He owns a very successful pet waste removal service:

Fun Fact: Eric the Viking can imitate a Tsunami warning siren like no one else. He has been know to evacuate and clear out some of the finest beaches in the world! He is thinking of changing his name to Eric the Tsunami Siren!

Eric is currently working on his next best-selling book. The title: The Viking who Cried Wolf….


Eric the Famous Boulder Viking hanging out with the Rich and Famous! Having breakfast with Danielle Colby of American Pickers! Unfortunately, the Viking would not disclose another one of his top secret celebrity locations and breakfast joints. There is a reason the Viking wears his famous trade-marked Celebrity Viking Sun Glasses!

Eric the Famous Boulder Viking’s future is so bright, he Always needs to wear his Viking shades!


Photo Credits: Scotty Sharp