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HOLIDAY SPECIAL: $10 off $50 on all orders through the end of the week.

There is so much to do this turkey week. Holiday parties are just a few days away, and after that, another set of party rounds just a few weeks away in December. It’s a time that can take a lot out of somebody: invites, getting the party ready, setting everything up, groceries, cooking all the food and all the while, making sure you can find the time to smile and laugh with everyone, too.

And as we all love, a big part of the holidays is having some drinks with the people we care about, but for the host, getting all of that alcohol onto the bar is just another to-do on the list and another way to keep time away from loved ones. Oh, let alone having to go to the store and carry out five heavy cardboard boxes full of clunky bottles. Lets admit it, that’s a pain. Well, not anymore and not this holiday, nor any party from here on out. Your favorite drinks are as close as the click of a button.

Drizly, a mobile lifestyle app for smartphone users to get beer, wine and liquor delivered to doorsteps, can help take some of the pressure off any party thrower’s shoulders. It’s a chance for responsible and of-age consumers to simply download the app to smartphones and with a few taps of the finger, the consumer’s favorite beer, wine or liquor is on its way, in just 20-40 minutes.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: $10 off $50 on all orders through the end of the week. (photo by / Rooster Magazine)

Backed by a world-class group of angel and institutional investors, the company has raised $4.8 million to become the premier smartphone app for alcohol delivery in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Seattle, Boulder, and other cities across the United States. (photo by / Rooster Magazine)

How does Drizly work?

After you choose from a large list any beverage you wish to drink, delivery drivers arrive and then authenticate and validate IDs using Drizly technology. For them, that’s the biggest emphasis: they are very, very keen on making sure no one gets a delivery that shouldn’t have one.

This service is a holiday must-have. It’s a time saver, holiday conversation starter with those awkward family members, and is nothing short of a helping hand in getting your party suited for your company. And let’s face it – booze delivered to your door is pretty sweet, too.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: $10 off $50 on all orders through the end of this week.

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