Photo credit: stephanierh

It’s the final count down for the semester. I honestly can not believe we have one more week of class and then it’s finals, and then for me, it’s graduation! Saying that I will be graduating out loud is surreal. No one preps you for ending the biggest chapter in your life thus far—school. I’m completely over the academic part, but lately every time I’m walking to class I start to get a little down knowing that my time at CU is coming to an end. Our campus is the most beautiful campus in the world and I could not be more fortunate to have been able to spend four years in such a wonderful place. CU has really shaped me as an individual and I’ve made the best friends and memories I could possibly ask for. This all sounds cheesy, but once you make it to senior year, you start to realize that everything is going to change for you and important life decisions have to be made to prep for your next chapter. There is exactly two weeks left until the end of yet another amazing year, and I can’t help but be nostalgic about my final days of college. For those who are not graduating, consider yourself lucky that you have more time to allow CU to shape your life. For those who are graduating, good luck in your future endeavors and know that CU will always be a place to return to!

Lily is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies along with a certificate in Business. She is originally from Scarborough, Maine, but decided to venture to Colorado for it's beauty and to get back in touch with her birth place which is Boulder. She is a Film Studies major because she is very interested in the behind the scenes of what goes into making a film. Not only that, but her favourite hobby in the world is to watch movies. She recently went abroad to Sydney, Australia to get a taste of a different culture. While being there, she learned to not take life too seriously, and to slow things down. The Australian lifestyle can really teach a person how to be chill. You can find Lily at the movies, hanging on Pearl Street having a beer with friends, or at the breathtaking lookout of Flagstaff enjoying the view.