This Xcel Energy Phone Scam is focusing on the Boulder County Area. These Scammers are taking advantage of peoples emotions from what has happed in our great community and the cold weather.

Time of  Xcel  Energy Scam call in Boulder : 1/4/22 – 4:12pm 

Here is the email we received  this afternoon:

Just about an hour ago I got a call saying they were Excel energy and that they were going to cut my power off immediately unless I paid my past due bill.  My bill was on automatic payment so I thought something must have happened. Fear set in as I just got home and I was really cold and didn’t want to lose my heat. These awful people sound very believable but it is a total scam! They are trying to take advantage of our cold weather and what has happened. Channel 7 did a segment on this.

I would get the word out with your friends and family as I almost fell for it. It sounds Very official and I know a lot of people are giving them their credit cards. These guys are pros!

The same scenario happened to me as the person interviewed on Chanel 7:

Xcel Energy Scam Info: