Photo Courtesy of The Joint Chiropractic

In an athletic town like Boulder, access to quality chiropractic care is a must. A good chiropractor relieved back and neck pain, protects the delicate central nervous system and can increase athletic performance. If you’ve ever gone to a good chiropractor, you know how good you feel after an adjustment. And, if you’ve ever gone to a bad chiropractor, you know the sting of paying a high copay for mediocre care.

The Joint is an award winning, inclusive chiropractic center with a mission to improve your quality of life through routine and affordable care. My partner and I visited The Joint for the first time last week under the care of Dr. Douglas Burson. The experience was wonderful, and we both loved their straightforward, customer oriented approach to chiropractic care. Here are four reasons why you should make The Joint your go-to place for chiropractic care:

  1. No Appointment Necessary


Don’t you hate disrupting your whole schedule for a doctor’s appointment? The Joint makes scheduling an appointment a stress-free experience because every appointment is a walk-in. The chiropractic center is open from 10 AM to 7 PM on weekdays, giving you plenty of time to walk-in between errands or after work. Another bonus? The Joint is open on Saturday and Sunday too, with flexible hours between 10 AM and 5 PM.  This revolutionary center accommodates even the busiest schedules, and offers back and neck pain relief when the other doctor’s offices are closed.

  1. Great Customer Care

The first time I visited The Joint, I noticed that many of the chiropractors greeted guests by name as they walked in the building. That’s because The Joint is devoted to providing the best customer care in chiropractic, making every visitor feel comfortable.

Last week, my partner and I visited the center for the first time. During my partner’s initial exam and adjustment, the licensed practitioner explained exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it, explaining the benefits of the straight chiropractic technique as they made low forced thrusts on my partner’s spine. The adjustment wasn’t just an experience, it was an education. We felt like we were directly involved in the process and encouraged to ask questions.

  1. Priced for Everyone

The Joint believes everyone should have access to chiropractic care without having to pay high insurance premiums or back-breaking copays. That’s why The Joint doesn’t accept insurance; instead, they offer flat rates of $39 for a single visit or affordably priced wellness packages. The wellness packages allow clients to walk-in several times a month and cut the cost down to about $18 a visit. The Joint is the most cost-effective chiropractic care on the market without sacrificing value.

  1. They Are “Best of Boulder” Regulars

We all love the “Best of Boulder” list, which surveys locals about the best places to shop, dine, and play in our beautiful city. The Joint is no stranger to the “Best of” list, having been awarded Best Chiropractor for the last couple years. Boulderites love The Joint’s flexibility, customer service, and devotion to this athletic community. Stop in today and check it out for yourself! They have a special $29 introductory offer, which includes an exam, adjustment, and consultation.


Katy Caballeros moved to Boulder from Grand Rapids, MI. She studied English and writing at Aquinas College and pursued a liberal arts career path gone crooked, occupying jobs ranging from telemarketer to kindergarten phonics tutor. Passionate about local advocacy, Katy admires Boulder’s proclivity towards progress, scholarship, and environmentalism. When she isn’t writing or listening to KUNC, Katy likes to explore local cafes and bookstores with her partner, Em. Passionate about motivating young people, Katy is an assistant coach for the Boulder High School cheerleading team (Go Panthers!). Grateful to be welcomed into the Boulder community, Katy wants to give back by informing Boulderites about the best places to play and visit in their community.