Working from home can get repetitive and boring after a while. We spend our breaks alone, in front of the laptop, or we work cuddled up on the couch, in our PJs. Even though a lot of people dream of being able to work from home, there are some disadvantages that can affect your performance over time. And if you feel less motivated and lack fun ideas for your lunch-break, in this article, we’ve included great ideas that can help you have fun while your work remotely.

Set up a Home Office

If you feel less motivated to start working in the morning, the good idea is to set up your own home office, or at least a separate space that is dedicated to your job. This can actually boost your productivity because you know that when you enter this area, you need to tackle your professional tasks. 

You can decorate it to motivate you, with plants, positive quotes, and invest in a good desk, chair, stationery items if that’s possible for you. It will also be beneficial because it will create a boundary between your professional and personal life, even if your little office space is in your bedroom, for example. 

 Play Online Games

The break is equally important when you’re working from home. An advantage of working from home is that you can use your break however you want. So, if you want to have fun, for example, you can try playing mobile games on your phone. Anything goes. You can try puzzles, action games if you need to let off some steam, and some people even try memory games. Anyway, we all have different preferences, so pick a game that is fun for you.

For example, you can switch things up and play casino games. There are loads of quality casino games available on trustworthy online casinos like The games are developed with cutting-edge graphics, great features and are also accessible on mobile devices. Hence, when you want to play roulette, poker, or slots, there are plenty of fun options to choose from.

Dress Up

A lot of people stop dressing up for work when they are working remotely. It’s completely understandable, especially if you don’t have any virtual meetings and you live alone. However, dressing up for work can increase your motivation because it prepares you mentally for your job duties. Moreover, if you dress up, it will probably boost your mood and confidence, which will also help you feel motivated and ready to tackle your to-do list. 

Have Fun With Your Colleagues

One of the downsides of working from home would be the lack of real connection with your colleagues, especially if you had your lunch break together. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun again as a team. You can catch up during your break and have a virtual coffee break, or you can also meet up after work virtually. If you want to have fun, you can play charades, or try online quizzes.

Create a Reward System

Like we said earlier, remote working can get lonely, and there are plenty of distractions that can impact your mood and productivity level throughout the day. Therefore, make sure to develop a reward system that works for you. For example, you can use the Pomodoro technique and take a 5-minute break after 25 minutes of work. But, make sure to pick something fun for you. For example, you can play with your pet, chat with a friend, or listen to music.