You want the plumbing in your home or business always to be functioning correctly. A damaged plumbing system could cause you unbelievable turmoil, so it would be best if you solved the issue promptly.

The best solution to a plumbing problem is to call a professional plumber. No matter how good a DIYer you think you are, a plumber will probably do a better job. 



On the other hand, finding a good plumber is often a challenging proposition. It is even more challenging to find a plumber you can trust. 

The following are six general tips on how you can find a plumber you can trust: 

1. Ask a Trustworthy Tradesman

You probably have other professionals who you contact whenever you need other issues around your business or house repaired. They may be electricians or a general handyman who you regularly use. If you trust them, they are one of the best sources to find a plumber you can trust.

Tradespeople are much like medical professionals. They know each other and are better suited to judging each other’s competence than you are. They also often work with each other on various projects and have personal relationships. 

Therefore, if you ask a trustworthy tradesman to recommend a plumber, they will recommend a reliable one. They will also care about their reputation, so they will not want to ruin it by suggesting an untrustworthy plumber. 

2. Find a Reputable Company

If you do not know any tradesperson or cannot find a referral, you can decide to find a reputable plumbing company. However, you should not try a new one. Hence it would be best to ask for referrals to a company with a good reputation and whose previous work you can review. 

The best option would be a plumbing company that offers all types of plumbing services. According to, a plumber who you can call at any time of the day or night is a reliable plumber and a plumbing company will have reviews on the site that will apprise you of the quality of their services. 

The best way to judge a plumbing company is to observe their work for someone you know. Therefore, you can develop an unbiased judgment unaffected by the opinions of others. A company’s work often speaks for itself. 

3. Plumbing Trade Associations

Most plumbers worth their salt are members of a plumbing trade association. These associations are great places to find quality plumbers. 

A trade association membership is often a sign of quality and professionalism. You have to be dedicated to your trade to be a member of such an association. 

Being a good plumber is more than having technical skills. You also need soft skills such as communication skills, be reliable and trustworthy.

Therefore, you should look for a plumbing trade association in your area. You will have a good chance of finding a trustworthy plumber who will want to enhance his reputation and association. 

4. Referrals from Friends and Family

As with many other businesses, referrals from friends and family are the primary sources of finding quality services. The same goes for plumbers who need to be trustworthy because they work in your home instead of other professionals. 

Despite living in a digital age where we mostly rely on our devices, word of mouth still carries significant weight. Moreover, you are more likely to get better referrals from someone you know and trust than a faceless name behind a computer. 

Therefore, you should consider asking your loved ones if they have a plumber who is reliable and trustworthy. Chances are they will be willing to share the plumber with you. 

5. Licensed and Insured

If you want a plumber you can trust, they will have a license from the state. Therefore, you should check state records and confirm the plumber’s license. 

The plumber should also offer insurance as the consequences of a plumbing disaster are dire. The insurance cover should cover all of the plumber’s expenses. 

6. Guarantee Offers

If you want to find a plumber you can trust, you should find one who offers guarantees for their work. A guarantee is essentially a statement that a plumber has faith in their work and they are willing to fix it if the job is not up to par. 

You can trust a plumber who offers a guarantee because they have a written promise of their work for a set number of days. If a plumber cannot guarantee their work, you have no reason to trust them. 


To conclude, finding a plumber you trust is much easier said than done. If you use the tips above, you should have a fantastic chance of finding one. However, the best way to trust a plumber is to examine their work and give it time.