It seems that for many of us, the holidays just go better with alcohol. Whether you’ll be celebrating with loved ones, stressing out over the end of year frenzy, or relaxing on your own, it’s likely that you’ll be drinking this holiday season. This Winter, try adding a little kick of coffee to your seasonal booziness! These two locally brewed coffee-alcohol infusions are sure to be good companions for your holiday fun or blues:


photo courtesy of Lotus Carrol




Novo cold-brewed coffee is combined with oatmeal ale to create Hiatus—a malty beer from Denver’s own Renegade Brewing Company. Enjoy this beer with friends or family during any holiday gathering or throw back a few cold ones while unwind during your vacation. Hiatus is currently available at Renegade’s taproom and at select retailers.


The talented roasters over at Boxcar Coffee recently released their Winter Blend, Whiskygrin. With its sweet and smoky Bourbon flavors, Whiskygrin is perfect for making Irish Coffee. Regardless of your whiskey of choice or your particular recipe, Whiskygrin is sure to elevate your Irish Coffee. Share it with your loved ones or curl up with it to a good book this holiday season.


However you spend your holidays, may they be filled with delicious and warming drinks but, more importantly, I hope they’re filled with love…and coffee.