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Boulder Buffs Blissful Morning Hump Day Happiness Run

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day!

Boulder including our Buffs prizes a morning run. Everyone? No. BUT you can go out any day at any time and see people out walking and running. They are enjoying their lives while extending their lives in Boulder and wherever else the future finds them. Firesign theater famously noted the “wherever you go, there you are.” They were obviously talking about our corporeal beings, which we take along with us most places most days. Our bodies are not us, but they ARE our responsibilities. They are on loan to us, and we should take care of them to avoid paying a penalty when we are getting ready to return them.

Running and walking are two of the best ways to do just that.


person holding remote pointing at TV

How To Make Channel Surfing Aerobic

Using the remote to switch from a Sesame Street cartoon to an action-adventure movie, in spite of my deepest hopes, is not aerobic exercise. At least that’s what the people who know about such things claim. I refuse to believe it. I’m switching to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and I am certain that this will give me my morning exercise. Between playing guitar and switching the remote I have astonishingly strong hands and fingers! I can’t walk up the stairs but I can play the remote like a Hammond B-3.

I suppose that if I did everything Harrison Ford does in the movie I would get my 3000 steps in by the time the credits rolled.

Running and walking

are not just excellent forms of exercise; they’re gateways to a healthier, happier life. These activities boost cardiovascular health, improving heart function and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. They’re fantastic for mental health too, releasing endorphins that alleviate stress and anxiety, leading to a more positive outlook. Moreover, running and walking offer a chance to connect with nature, appreciate the beauty around us, and provide a sense of freedom and exploration. Whether it’s the camaraderie of group runs or the peaceful solitude of a solo walk, these activities cater to diverse preferences, making them fun and inclusive for everyone. Plus, they’re low-cost and accessible, requiring minimal equipment. Embracing running or walking as a regular habit can lead to a healthier, more joyful, and well-rounded lifestyle.

Have a GREAT day! May the wind be off the port bow and may your sunscreen be thick.

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