When we think of the word “summer”, we are instantly drawn to the memories of running through sprinklers, jumping off diving boards, catching fireflies and walking barefoot on the beach. Summer was once a time of absolute freedom; a time when our biggest concern was the sunburn on our shoulders and the bug bites on our legs. As we’ve grown older, however, the liberation of Summer vacation is more of a fantasy than a reality. Jobs, internships and classes have taken up the time that was once spent blissfully doing nothing. Even though our summers may be busy now, that doesn’t mean we can’t make time to have a little bit of fun. Whether you are on a budget or have minimal free-time, there are many exciting and cheap things to do in Boulder on your day off. Here are a list of my favorite summer activities in Boulder:

  1. Spend a day at Spruce Pool: For only $7, you can spend the day splashing, swimming laps, or laying out by the water with friends. https://bouldercolorado.gov/parks-rec/spruce-pool
  2. Boulder Farmer’s Market: The Market, open Wednesdays and Saturdays, is an amazing place to try new foods from local vendors and treat yourself to a boquet of flowers. http://www.bcfm.org/
  3. Boulder Reservoir: For $7 admission, you can swim or kayak on 700 acres of beautiful blue water. https://bouldercolorado.gov/parks-rec/boulder-reservoir  
  4. Spend a night at Red Rocks: Whether you’re going for a concert or for sunrise yoga, Red Rocks is a world-famous venue only 30 minutes away. http://redrocksonline.com/
  5. Hike Chautauqua Trail: You aren’t a true Boulderite unless you’ve hiked Chataqua. It’s a free, fun, and challenging way to spend a sunny day. https://bouldercolorado.gov/osmp/chautauqua-trailhead
  6. Colorado Rockies Games: Hop on the RTD and head to Denver for a Rockies Game. Nosebleed and Rooftop seats are cheap, and if you’re 21, you can spend an hour before the game at the View House Bar. https://www.mlb.com/rockies
  7. Watching the Sunset at Sko Lounge: Sko Lounge is a new rooftop bar directly on The Hill, located above Cosmo’s. Make it there before 8:30 p.m. to have the best view of the sunset! https://www.facebook.com/skolounge/
  8. Boulder Outdoor Cinema: Whether you are into film classics and cult favorites, movies are played on Saturdays in July and August.  https://www.boulderdowntown.com/go/boulder-outdoor-cinema
  9. Celestial Seasonings Tour: Drive 15 minutes out of town to see how tea is manufactured and packaged locally! The free tour takes about 45 minutes. http://www.celestialseasonings.com/visit-us/tea-tour
  10. Hike Sugarloaf Mountain: With multiple trails and breathtaking views, Sugarloaf Mountain is a fun hike for when you’re looking to get out into nature. http://www.sugarloafmd.com/
Hanae is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying strategic communications and business administration. She is passionate about creativity in conjunction with business, which is what led her to her field of study. She grew up in Seattle, Washington, where she gained a love for the West Coast and the water. In 2014, she traded in the ocean for the mountains when she moved out to Boulder to pursue her degree. Hanae’s biggest passion is travel, and she recently studied abroad in Florence, Italy, where she spent fifteen weeks traveling to dozens of cities across Western Europe, immersing herself in exciting new cultures and atmospheres. You can find Hanae riding around town on her yellow vespa, sitting at rooftop bars with friends, or cheering on the Buffs at Folsom.