The use of social media has increased dramatically over the last decade. Our use of smartphones has allowed for mobile marketing and advertising, application creation and innovation, and, on a more individual level, sharing, connecting and expressing. The mobile universe has come to mean community – a worldwide community yes, but also the opportunity for smaller – and a more specific – community. Popular apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have allowed CU students to join in on the web of inter-connectivity in the CU community.

On Facebook every class has their own Facebook group, making it easy for students to join in on the various conversations happening between fellow classmates. Articles, ideas, questions and more are all shared on these pages. Another Buff page is CU Jobs & Internships, in which students to post opportunities involving job and volunteer opportunities.

A post on the FB page, “Jobs & Internships”.


Twitter – CU Boulder itself has its own account (and it’s own hashtag) allowing student to join in the conversation and connect with those who are contributing to the CU community. Alongside @CUBoulder, the CU basketball team, Chip the mascot and Buffalo alumni have their own accounts too. (@Chipthebuffalo, @CUBoulderalumni, @CUBuffsMBB).

Instagram is another app popular among the Buff community. There are endless accounts created and maintained by CU students, ranging from the CU study abroad pages to CU career services to the CU rec center instagram account. By hashtagging #ActiveBuffs, students can be featured on the page. The mobile market has broken the boundaries of “friendship” and opened up a new venture for sharing ideas, pictures and questions outside of a single friend circle. Could this be a new way for Buffs, and students at large, to engage in a democratic community? – and to explore the lives, likes, disliked and curiosities of fellow students? I think indeed. This is why social media is so incredible: the limitlessness of opportunity is exciting, especially because Buffs are able to engage in conversation and experiences that most definitely have the power to influence and empower each other.

A CU page titled "CU Stand for Human Rights."

A CU page titled “CU Stand for Human Rights”.