With Spring Break beginning, student brace themselves for a week of school-free enjoyment. This relieving of class time though, is fronted by midterms and project deadlines. How exactly do CU students celebrate their week of relaxation and relieving of the school time blues? Whether it be pitching a tent or stepping into an all-inclusive resort, us Buffs know how to Spring Break.

Elle Donovan, although not a Buffalo, came across the chance of a lifetime this spring break: The chance to travel to the Bahamas, for an all-inclusive, totally paid for, spring break. The catch? Elle, a Junior at the University of New Hampshire, had to recruit 16 of her closest friends to join her on the trip. If she were to succeed, she would receive the trip for free – and she did!

Elle Donovan in Nassau, Bahamas, photo credit: Elle Donovan

Elle Donovan in Nassau, Bahamas, photo credit: Elle Donovan

What can us Buffs learn from Elle? We can learn that spring break trips are never out of reach. Many resorts offer these opportunities, because alongside the mega-opportunity for the student, it is an opportunity for the resort, too; a marketing technique along with an financial one.

Many of the clubs throughout Boulder also offer spring break trips, including the Hiking Club who is heading to Grand Gultch this week.

With excitement building for Spring Break 2015, we can reminisce on last years’ break: Take a gander into the experiences of Buff’s as they adventure through various cities, states and countries on their Spring Break quests for adventure.


A group of friends in South Padre.

A group of seniors in South Padre, Texas

Pierce Jarrell in Moab

Pierce Jarrell, graduate student, in Moab

Yosemite National Park, photographed by Cortney Ratashak

Yosemite National Park, photographed by Cortney Ratashak

Jessica Webb in Cabo, 2014

Jessica Webb in Cabo, Mexico, 2014