“At IMM, creating action isn’t just what we do — it’s who we are. Our agency is built to deliver full service capabilities while also delivering measurable results.” IMM, a local agency in boulder, has a lot of capabilities and creative departments within their organization, such as strategy and insight, data analytics, technology and social content, and client partnerships.

IMM uses strong strategy and insight. They analyze each client by detecting the specific business problem, using data tools and research, to discover consumer insights. IMM believes that creativity isn’t just a department but the key to moving people to action, creating consumers. They believe in finding the best ideas out of their team’s heads and applying them to client work and projects.

IMM’s team of analysts and data scientists work together to provide operational wisdom from a large array of research and data. They transform unorganized and complicated information into meaningful recommendations and strategy.

Additionally, IMM has always had a strong love for media and integrative content. They contribute well-constructed content for their client over their social platforms. Using software development, quality assurance, and systems engineering, IMM’s team is capable of creating and supporting online and mobile content.

IMM believes client relations are extremely important; they pride themselves on creating real relationships and true partnerships. They have built their organization on the belief that the client’s problems are as important as their own and that it is necessary to treat their client’s business as if it were their own business. They want their clients to succeed, because when they succeed so does IMM.