Rotary International is a nonprofit global organization consisting of over 35,000 Rotary clubs around the world. Founded in 1905, they pride themselves on providing service to those in need, while maintaining the goal of goodwill, friendship, and overall world peace. Their six areas of focus are promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers and children, and growing local economies. The Rotary organization is funded entirely through volunteer contributions and fundraising, with the help of its network of members whom all share the same core values and vision of working to advance our community and world. Rotary is a vehicle for change, to take action, develop leadership skills, help others, and promote service and overall well being.

Rotary also has a subdivision organization called Rotaract, which has members between the ages of 18-30. While Rotary clubs serve as their sponsors and mentors, Rotaract clubs bring new ideas to the table, and look at the world’s challenges in new alternative ways. Rotaract organizations are usually centered on college and university campuses involving college aged individuals and students. Their purpose is to meet, exchange ideas, and plan activities and projects, all while having fun with each other. The Rotaract organization is very involved with hands-on service projects and participating in professional development and networking opportunities. This organization is a part of a global community of young adults, acting as leaders and role models to take action for positive change.

There are many Rotary organizations here locally in Boulder and the surrounding area. The University of Colorado is also currently connected with Rotaract, and they are always looking for new members, new volunteer opportunities, and new projects to take on. They currently are involved in a global project called Her Farm, which is a women’s empowerment program in Nepal, and locally at Colorado Friendship, and the YMCA.



Originally from the most loved state on the East Coast, New Jersey, she fell in love with the Colorado culture the second she stepped foot here. Ever since, she has been lucky enough to attend school at the University of Colorado-Boulder, making this beautiful city her home. Currently pursuing a degree in journalism, she enjoys taking cool pictures and meeting interesting people. Passionate about helping others and giving back, she has been a part of the CU Rotaract club serving as the Special Events Coordinator for the past three years. This past semester she was given the opportunity to spend four exciting months in Barcelona, where she studied during the week and ran around the rest of Europe on the weekend. Now finally back in Boulder, she is excited to get back to the mountains and reporting about the fascinating people that live in the Boulder community.