It appears that I have been slowly and unwittingly elevating my boyfriend’s coffee standards. After three years of dating and being exposed to the specialty beans I invest in, he’s finally becoming more concerned and vocal about the quality of his home brews and drink purchases. Recently, he even started documenting each new coffee that he tries, in a snazzy little notebook he bought at our local coffeeshop.

33 Cups of Coffee is the pocket-sized journal that my boyfriend keeps, for jotting down his tasting notes. It contains a flavor wheel, a five-star rating system, and spaces to write down details about the coffee—including the brand, roast date, brew method, and (most importantly) your own personal thoughts. 33 Coffees is a great tool to help you become more aware and articulate about the type of coffee you like.

While I know my boyfriend will continue to drink crappy coffee occasionally—like when he had the audacity to brew a cup of Peet’s pre-ground medium roast in my precious Hario V60 pour-over (as pictured in his entry below)—I’m happy to see him get all geeky with his notebook. You can follow his reviews on Tumblr.

dave's coffee

from my boyfriend’s tumblr blog “Hollow Stars Reviews”

Although my boyfriend will never care about the quality of the foods he consumes the way I do, I’m still pleasantly surprised that all my third-wave coffee ranting has had a valuable effect on his usually unconcerned palate. Maybe I should start caring more about comic books and superhero films now, in order to return the favor…but I probably won’t.