“Sold Out” was written by Susan Brightbill. Susan is from Wisconsin and attended the University of Colorado, Boulder as a Political Science major. Susan has been a WGA writer for 15 years, selling scripts to places like Warner Brothers, Fox, Disney, ABC, CBS, Lifetime and Hallmark.

Susan is also the recipient of the McKnight Fellowship in Media Arts for the year 2021. She
started in the music business, then moved into acting and finally found her true passion in

“Sold Out” is a musicbased drama about a female talent scout who takes a downonhisluck
construction worker under her wing and helps him rise to his potential as a singer/songwriter.

“Sold Out” was filmed in Minnesota during the second coldest winter in history (the Polar
Vortex of Jan/Feb, 2019) using entirely Twin Citybased cast and crew.

“Sold Out” was picked up for worldwide distribution by Indie Rights. The movie is now available
to stream on Amazon and Tubi. The movie was directed by Tim Dahlseid who is a native Minnesotan. This is his first feature film. Tim wore many hats; director, cinematographer, editor, set builder, actor, stunt driver and dog wrangler just to name a few. Tim has a background in photography, a visceral style of storytelling and ability to problem solve whatever issues arise on the set.

“Sold Out” stars Sam Bardwell and Kelsey McMahon. Bardwell is a veteran stage actor in
Minneapolis and McMahon is a Julliard alum and a rising musician who goes by the stage name

A complete list of cast and crew can be found here:

“Sold Out” features music from wellknown singer/songwriters Jeffrey Foucault and Kris
It also features the music of many Minneapolisbased musicians. A complete list of
musicians and their websites can be found at

Links to the movie, the trailer and social media sites can be found here:

Photo by Tim Dahlseid

Photo by Tim Dahlseid