It’s finally here! Summer: The time of year in which students celebrate their successes in the classroom by exploring the various activities and adventures that await them. For students, the summer can be a time to network and expand the resume. The University of Colorado, Boulder offers various outlets that provide internship and job opportunities. Groups have been created on Facebook by students that allow the members of the group to post about opportunities that they hear about. It’s easy to join these groups – simply click “join” when entering the page, and just like that, students have opened a new world opportunity. Summer fun can also be supplemented with summer classes. Online classes are a great option because they don’t require any on campus visits and allow students to work on their own schedules. However, online classes at CU Boulder are pricey.

Enough with the boring stuff and onto the summer fun!

A checklist of the many things that the summer holds:

  • Concerts

Red Rocks is officially open, and the concert schedule includes over 70 shows this summer. Bus to Show is in business to, and the two in combination make for the perfect night.

The Phish show at Dick's Sporting Goods Field, photographed by Cortney Ratashak

The Phish show at Dick’s Sporting Goods Field, photographed by Cortney Ratashak

  • Backpacking

You haven’t experienced Colorado until you’ve backpacked Colorado. Goose Creek and Maroon Bells are both great backpacking options because they can be completed in one day or several.

  • Caving

Colorado has various caves, many of which are hidden to the public. In Golden, off of 6th Ave, there is a cave that can be hiked to and climbed in. There is no better way to cool down and escape the Colorado summer sun then in a dark, moist cave.

  • Festivals

Colorado alone has many festivals in the summertime, including Arise Music Festival in Loveland. Aside from our state though, popular festivals are sprinkled throughout the United States, including Electric Forest in Michigan, Sasquatch in Washington, South by Southwest in Texas, and the Governor’s Ball in New York – and these are just a few of the summer festivals.

Electric Forest Music Festival, photographed by Cortney Ratashak

Electric Forest Music Festival, photographed by Cortney Ratashak

  • the Bolder Boulder and Slide the City

We should all be grateful that we live in such an amazing city; These two activities are hosted in Boulder and are growing in popularity each year. In fact, you don’t have to participate in the historic Bolder Boulder in order to enjoy it. Each year, parties are thrown and kegs are brought out in celebration of the race.


  • Roadtrip

Hey, you’re only young once. Road trip to a music festival, or road trip the old fashioned way: with no destination. California is good direction to head because the stop along the way include Utah and Las Vegas. Once you arrive in California, the beach towns that line the coast offer endless experiences and a taste of new lifestyles.

  • Cruiser Rides

Boulder and Denver host the cruiser rides in which community members gather and share their summer bliss by bike riding around town, bumping stereo systems and occasionally stopping for quick dance parties.

The summer means cold beers, swimming in the creek and being with friends. It can also mean finding a fun summer gig, such as being a raft guide or tennis coach. The point is, summer should have no limits and should be a time to explore the opportunities that await each of us, in Colorado and beyond.