There’s more reasons for wanting to attend college than to get a degree. Many students admit that one up side to a college life in the 4 year limbo between true responsibility and childhood. Although we are, in a way, securing our futures, it’s hard to actually call ourselves “adults”. In fact, a popular quote of our generation is “Don’t make me adult today.” But why would we? Even with an internship or a job in conjunction to a full class load students enjoy a freedom void of true responsibility. Is this the truth? Is college an extension of high school, only with added freedoms?

Some of the college graduates I know are still on their parents insurance, still on their parents cell phone bill, and still are receiving a monthly allowance from their parents. Do these luxuries foster immaturity? Or are they simple luxuries that are becoming more and more accepted with each generation? I do think that they are becoming more accepted, and maybe this is linked to the fact that college itself is becoming a necessity. No longer does each individual get to openly contemplate college vs. immediately entering the work force. Now in days, in order to have a career almost always means college first – and much of the time, choosing to enter the work force is met with judgement.

No matter how we look at it, college is generally seen as the perfect set up. We are on our own enjoying new freedoms yet aren’t real adults yet. On the other hand though, college is a vehicle for growth and knowledge. The college years experience by students offer so much more than a degree: it offers friendships, teaches us how to balance, multitask and plan, and also allows us to set goals, find the path that’s right for each of us and also helps us to determine who we want to be and what we want to do.