Ryan Tierney moved to Boulder from Redwood City, California four years ago to complete a degree in political science. He was drawn to Boulder because of the University’s beautiful campus as well as its proximity to the mountains.

Ryan spends most of his time hiking Chautauqua, snowboarding, drinking Boulder’s amazing craft brewed beers, and playing golf with his friends. Ryan says, “I love the amount of options that Boulder has to offer.” Being active is something Ryan prioritizes, and Boulder allows him to do so in a variety of ways.

Ryan states, “I am reminded every day of why I came to this amazing place. I will never forget the experiences and people that I have met along the way.” While Ryan plans to move back to the Bay Area after graduation, he is enthusiastic about returning every year for homecoming weekend with his friends and family.


A fun fact about Ryan – He is ambidextrous!