Sabina visited Boulder for a long weekend, escaping the brutal snow storm on the East Coast. Born in Bosnia, she moved to Hartford, Connecticut, in 2000 with her family. She then moved to Baltimore, Maryland to attend college and decided to stay to start her career. Growing restless, she decided to take a long weekend to see the mountains of Colorado and visit some friends. Immediately, she was blown away by the natural beauty of the area and the amount of places to see and experience. Her favorite thing about Boulder is “the freedom, the fresh air, and the overwhelming desire to explore.” In only three short days here, she was motivated to cut her lease short and move out the West. “The first thing I would do if I moved to Boulder would be to spend some time in the mountains and learn how to ski,” she said.

Well, Sabina, we hope to see you out here again soon! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!