600 taliaToday is a special young Face of Boulder. I am sitting with Talia who is in 5th grade at Flatirons elementary. Next year she is excited to be starting middle school at Manhattan middle school of Arts and Sciences. Talia says she going to take band next year. She plays the trumpet. In 7th grade, she’ll do drama and band.

Talia moved here when she was in 1st grade. She says she remembers a lot of bikes riding around. She remembers her first day of school being a lot fun. The teachers were nice and I made a lot of friends. Now that Talia has been here for 5 years, she likes that she can walk or ride her bike by herself. She also loves the weather. She likes how it can rain and still be sunny, the snow and the wind.

Talia likes to walk around Pearl St. especially when her parents let her go to Rocket Fizz and Into the Wind. She misses the fondue at the Boulder Cafe. (she’s an old-timer already!)

Well, Thanks for speaking with me, Talia. Good luck in school next year!