“The entirety of my body, mind, and soul is different. The past five month’s here in Colorado have been astronomically sympathetic and it starts and ends with health. I owe it to Colorado for restoring and healing my heart.

Recommendations & Things Learned:

i. Colorado weather is better than brunch.

ii. I’ve memorized over 100 sunrises and sunsets and it trumps sleeping in.

iii. If you can cook every night, do it.

iv. Friendships are like dog hair to a lint roller. They’re fricken important, okay?

v. Go to bed early and wake up the same.

vi. Wearing an actual winter jacket when it’s cold really helps, who knew?

vii. Loneliness is only an unnacompanied afternoon.

viii. There is no defeat in going back home, as long as it’s your choice.

I will keep Colorado as a stepping stone and leave it to the rich hippies.” – Mary Gower