There are some people in this world that would go so far as to call Boulder a “liberal” town. Well to those people I say, why is there a Christian Science bookstore on the most expensive retail street in Colorado? I ventured inside this store yesterday afternoon to see if I could answer that very question.

The first thing you need to know about this Christian Science bookstore is that it is hardly a bookstore at all. In fact it only sells two books; Science and Health, published by Mary Baker Eddy in 1875, and you guessed it, the Bible. Science and Health is the founding book on Christian Science and its the Reading Room’s bestseller. They sell a few quarterly and monthly magazines as well. The store’s sales are minimal; they make their rent from the gracious donations of their church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist located on 13th and Mapleton. The store has been open for business for over 50 years thanks to volunteers like Melinda. Melinda was the only person inside when I walked in and she was kind enough to give me all this information with joy.  Melinda moved from Arizona after college and 30 years later she’s joined the church and raised a family.

Actually the Reading Room is very beautiful and surprisingly comfortable. It’s a nice place for such an unsuspecting storefront. So next time you’re outside of Illegal Pete’s on Pearl, stop by the Reading Room!