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     “I suffered from severe depression since I was 10 years old. The medication I was prescribed never offered me real relief… it mostly made me feel numb. I didn’t agree with the diagnosis, but years of trying to get off medication didn’t work. I finally found my answer [about 7 years ago].

When I first found psychic schools, I thought they were like a cult… and for a while I kept my distance. Growing up in conservative Tennessee gave me a false perception of psychics as well as the abilities I suppressed my whole life. When I finally started taking classes, I learned how to own my strengths instead of letting them own me. I learned how to heal myself and help heal others through years of training and studying. Since then, this community has enabled me to get off medication and halt my depression.

The stereotype is that psychics practice witchcraft, steal money, and focus entirely on the future. While that kind of psychic might exist, they do not exist [at the Psychic Institute]. We are spiritually developed individuals that can read, interpret, and report energy in the present to help manage it, shift it, heal it.”


Michelle graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Animal Science before becoming a professional psychic, instructor, and office manager at the Boulder Psychic Institute

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