With turbulence in the market, it is also expected that real estate will be effected, however year over year, Boulder Country has seen nearly the exact same amount of homes (March 2019 – 2020). That said, the last few weeks have seen a significant decline (17%) in properties under contract from the prior week.

Here are the latest Boulder CO homes for sale on Zillow:

  1. 3360 Loyola Ct, Boulder, CO 80305
  2. 5668 Rim Rock Ct, Boulder, CO 80301
  3. 605 20th St, Boulder, CO 80302
  4. 112 Genesee Ct, Boulder, CO 80303
  5. 4985 Twin Lakes Rd APT 88, Boulder, CO 80301


One of the biggest signs of a cooling off of the real estate market in Boulder is the significant uptick in properties being pulled from the market. All across Colorado there has been an “unprecedented” number of homes pulled off the market, according to this report.