If you’re a perfectionist, like me, there’s a lot of computing, second-guessing, chaos-hating, and performance-loving energy put forth toward your best day possible. You put a lot of pressure on yourself. It’s an inefficient way to use your precious energy. For years, the game was hustle and bustle. Work harder to reap more reward. I am not saying you don’t have to work hard once you’re enlightened. This kind of work takes a lifetime to apply.

Each year of your life, you will notice a little more ease flowing through your body as you apply the principles I speak of in this blog. Each year, you will be able to identify an overall increased positivity in your world. It won’t happen overnight, so don’t expect a magic pill. But if you keep your eye on the prize, life will be increasingly delightful.

The prize is happiness, ease of effort, and more fulfillment of your contract. It also encompasses a plethora of enjoyment in different ways. You’ll do what you want when you want, with whom you want. That’s the definition of success. Stay the course, because there is a real commitment happening here. Make up your mind and remember how your false self will try to sabotage your best efforts at change. Let that be your true competition, not the other sales professionals or the competitor in your industry. Compete with your commitment to endurance.

When you deal with your false self in a gentle way, like ‘the kill them with kindness’ way, it is more effective. Listen, but don’t be fooled when your saboteurs say you can’t keep it together. It’s for your true self to decide. Write down your commitments to endurance, and use them to prove to your true self that what you want is real. When you read your intentions day in and day out, it is not only a focus to the change you want, but an antidote to the naysaying that may occur inside of you and outside of you.

When you really can’t keep it together anymore, this is not a bad thing. Breakdowns occur when change is just around the corner. Stay the course of your intentions, get help, and go directly through the chaos. It is impossible to get what you want when you go around the grief, chaos, and turmoil. You must go straight into the dragon’s mouth to uplevel yourself to the changes in which you committed. As long as you have your tools, and a guide, you will be fine. You’ll also be a lot happier once you cross those breakthrough thresholds. No one knows how many you have to go through, so keep practicing, and keep searching for the next hurtle. These are given to you so you can learn how to be even more awesome to yourself, to others, and see your vision manifest in the world. Ghandi, MLK, Galileo, Einstein, Davinci, and Darwin all had to stick with their ideals and endure. What do you need to stick with in order to keep your positive mind-set, to keep it all together?

Pema Chodrin, an American Philosopher, wrote a book called, “When Things Fall Apart.” I like to think of the paradox of keeping it together, because outside, in your world, things will fall apart. But inside, once you grieve your losses and truly deal with misfortune, you will develop your strength more and more. You’ll keep it together.

I like to repeat to myself K.I.T., keep it together over and over, when I have a bad spell. It’s from a movie, Bowfinger with Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin. Eddie Murphy’s character, KIT, thinks he’s being followed because Steve Martin’s character attempts to film him without his consent for a movie KIT doesn’t know about. The scenes unfold as KIT gets paranoid that aliens are after him, when in reality, Steve Martin’s director character is sneaking around KIT as he films an alien movie starring KIT, all the while KIT has no idea. You have to see the movie to get the silly power of my point. Check it out, and when you feel like you might go crazy, say to yourself, K.I.T., keep it together, keep it together, just like our funny Eddie Murphy says it.

Kate Galt writes the Motivation Monday Blog for AboutBoulder.com.

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