If you’re struggling to sleep better, chances are what you really need is to hit the reset button on your sleep schedule. It can be really easy to mess your sleep schedule up, whether that’s by staying up later than usual to try and get that extra bit of work done, or you’re sleeping in during your weekends.

There’s really no better time to get started on a sleep schedule that’s healthy and adds to your wellbeing than your time off. Being on holiday gives you free license when it comes to experimenting with the number of hours you need to sleep each night.

From finding the best bed you can by studying mattress reviews online to ensuring you’re using the right sleep hygiene habits for better rest, there are plenty of ways to get started on correcting your sleep schedule.

Here are some of our top tips:

Figure Out Your Natural Sleep Cycle

One of the best parts of vacation? No alarm clocks. You don’t have to give up your alarm-free life when you’re trying to work out your sleep schedule – in fact, it might even help. This is because sleeping without an alarm clock is a great, intuitive way to figure out how many hours of sleep you really require a night.

Work out how many hours it takes for you to feel well-rested, and try work backward from there to try and understand when you need to be going to bed at night. If you’re waking up multiple times a night, or find yourself oversleeping, then there may be other issues with your sleep hygiene that need to be addressed.

For example, if you’re finding yourself waking up from back pain consistently every night, it’s likely it’s your mattress and not your sleep schedule that’s the problem. Finding the best mattress for your back pain is going to be more effective in this case than trying to get more hours every night, so try and be mindful where the source of your problem is coming from.

 Optimize Your Sleep Setup

If you’re struggling with sticking to your sleep schedule, the problem might just be you’re not sleeping comfortably. Finding the best mattress for your sleep is going to have a positive impact on your sleep, and figuring out how to do so might seem like a challenge.

While trying to figure out which mattress reviews are actually worth trusting, it’s well worth noting the best mattress companies will typically have trial periods that you can use to test out their products.

The best mattresses often strike a good balance between comfort and support throughout the night. If you’re looking for something that’ll help you minimize the time you spend awake in bed at night, then memory foam mattresses are a great choice.

Not only do they support that much-needed balance between comfort and support, but molding capabilities of memory foam also make them highly adaptable to a wide range of different sleep positions.

Put Sleep Hygiene Tips Into Practice

If you’re sure you already have the best mattress for your sleep, it’s time to put some basic sleep hygiene practices in place so that you’re able to stay disciplined about getting your sleep schedule back on track.

Habits such as stay away from technology a couple of hours before bed, refraining from caffeine, and instead of doing something a little calming such as taking a warm bath or practicing some nightly yoga, can all help in improving your sleep hygiene.

From finding the top rated mattress you can to keeping that alarm clock off, your vacation can be a great way to hit the reset button on your wellness. With the right amount of planning, this should be a piece of cake – you’ll be snoozing better in no time.