How Tourists Can Buy Marijuana in Colorado

Did you know ordering pot from Colorado is legal even if you’re a tourist? While the rules for residents and out-of-staters are different, you’ll have no problem walking into a dispensary to buy bud. You can also purchase exciting strains like Skunk seeds that you can grow in your garden if you plan to stay a while. So what are these cannabis laws, and how do you stay out of trouble? Here, we look at the current cannabis legislation in Colorado, highlighting what tourists can and can’t do. You’ll also find out where you can buy weed in this progressive state. Let’s get started.

Cannabis Laws in Colorado

Before you grab your wallet and travel bag, it’s essential that you understand the marijuana laws in the Centennial State. For starters, recreational weed is legal in every city except Colorado Springs, where only medicinal cannabis is permitted. It was one of the first states to legalize the use of this incredible herb, alongside Washington, in 2012. According to Amendment 64, buying pot in Colorado for recreational use is legal for adults over 21. What’s more, the laws apply to both residents and tourists, making the state a popular holiday destination. There are some restrictions on how much cannabis you’re allowed to purchase, regardless of whether you’re a local or a visitor. Licensed dispensaries can only sell up to an ounce of raw flower per transaction. It’s also worth remembering that the legal limits are different depending on the form of marijuana you purchase. In Colorado, edibles with 800 milligrams and concentrates with up to 8 grams are equivalent to one ounce of raw flower. While you’re permitted to buy weed for recreational use, it’s illegal to consume it publicly. You’re only allowed to enjoy cannabis on private property once you’ve received consent from the owner. Consuming marijuana in your hotel room is also against the law. If you don’t have a friend that lives in Colorado, it’s best to sign up for one of the many weed tours. You’ll visit private grow operations and the city’s best stores.

Where Can You Buy Weed as a Tourist in the Centennial State?

Finding out where to buy pot in Colorado is easier than you might think. There are over 136 licensed dispensaries throughout the state, offering premium cultivars like the popular Green Crack strain. Tourists can also purchase cannabis online; however, you need to stick to the legal limits. You can even have your weed delivered to your accommodation if permitted on their premises. Remember to familiarize yourself with the laws of your selected city to avoid any fines or charges.

Helpful Facts for Out-Of-State Stoners

We’ve put together a few practical insights to ensure you enjoy your holiday without any unwanted surprises. Before legally buying any bud from a licensed dispensary, you need to present a valid ID. Although you can only purchase up to one ounce of marijuana from a store, adults can give up to two ounces as a gift. The state rules only permit dispensaries to operate and sell weed between 8 am and midnight. Each municipality can alter these times, so it’s crucial that you research your selected destination. For example, stores in Boulder are only open until 10 pm. You can’t drive under the influence of marijuana. If you operate a vehicle on public roads, you automatically consent to chemical testing by a certified officer of the law. Any Colorado pot purchase will come in a sealed container, allowing you to travel in a car with your bud. Having an opened pack in your vehicle is illegal, so it’s best to store your weed in the trunk. Traveling across state lines with any amount of marijuana is a federal crime that could land you in jail. If you plan on buying cannabis while visiting Colorado, don’t try to take any weed home with you. It’s important to know that you can’t use a credit card to purchase weed in Colorado. While some dispensaries accept debit card payments when buying your favorite strain, cash remains the best option. Many stores have an ATM available, but you’ll need to pay an additional fee.

The Lowdown on Cannabis in Colorado for Tourists

Are you interested in ordering pot from Colorado while touring the Centennial State? You’ll be happy to know that buying cannabis for recreational purposes is legal in all cities except Colorado Springs. The current legislation allows residents and tourists to purchase up to an ounce of raw flower per transaction. Many reputable stores and online dispensaries offer quality strains and marijuana seeds to suit your budget. You’re only allowed to consume your buds on private property, and products must be sealed when stored inside a vehicle. Why not make Colorado your next holiday destination to enjoy the various effects and benefits of cannabis? Check out our other blogs to learn more about this ancient herb and stay up to date with the latest marijuana laws.