It’s the hap-happiest season of all!

Regardless of views on religion, capitalism, or some mixture of both, this is when make-up aficionados become their merriest, their brightest, their freakin’ holly jolliest. Why?



The yuletide comes around and beauty companies go all out with medleys, deals, and trial sizes. And while the various offerings do make great gifts for most humans, what I’d like to focus on is sprucing up your make-up collection.

I know the purse strings on Santa’s (AKA your) bag are probably tight, but if you plan on spending money on make-up anytime this calendar year, I urge you to consider investing now to ultimately save bundles later.

I don’t know that ever in my life I’ve used up an entire eyeshadow palette. Same story with lip color. Same story with foundation, highlighter. And since I rarely use up an entire item I have a hard time justifying buying a new formulation/brand/color when I still have plenty of usable product left.

Enter holiday sets. Not only are there panels of color, but you don’t have to pay full price for a full sized item that you don’t know you’ll actually like.

It’s a magical season. So, if you’re interested in trying something new in 2015, I’ve shared a sampling of the great deals I’ve come across below.

(P.S. – all of these products and links are from my own googling and price comparisons and are things I would consider purchasing for myself; I receive zero input/revenue/what-have-you from these companies and outlets.)

Fact: Essie produces a high quality nail polish. They have beautiful hues and lasting power… but another fact? I never need a whole bottle. Thus, enter the Essie Stocking Stuffer:



Here we have five 0.16oz bottles of nail color for $14.99.

The normal sized bottle of Essie polish is 0.46oz and goes for $8.49 each. I KNOW.

Next is the NYX make-up set in Butt Naked. NYX is one of my favorite drug store brands for authentically pigmented blush (as in, the blush actually goes on my brush and skin the color it looks in the compact). I haven’t tried their eye color, but I’m guessing the same fidelity stands.



This little baby is listed at $25.00. To put that in perspective, a regular sized NYX blush in one color is $4.99. In this palette you’re getting FOUR COLORS of blush in varying shades, plus a bronzer, and 2 highlighting powders. MOREOVER, A NYX “base model” eyeshadow palette generally has nine colors and runs $9.99. In this set you’re getting fifteen colors. Boo. Yah.

Have you heard the Bare Minerals hype and are curious to try it yourself, but can’t get past the $30 price tag for a tub of powder you’re not sure you’ll even like? Enter the Bare Minerals Up Close and Beautiful Set:



The set contains a trial sized primer, foundation, concealer, and mineral veil. On Ulta it’s currently marked down from $20 to $12. Uhm, yes please. At that price you could get sets of different hues and find your best match!

Okay. This next one is a little pricer at $150, but stay with me here. Smashbox’s On The Rocks Ultimate Eye Look Library:



Yes, it’s $150. But can we please talk about how it contains 4 full sized Always Sharp Kohl Eyeliners (typically run $20 each), 4 full sized Always Sharp 3D Liners (typically run $20 each), and 8 full sized tricolored eyeshadow palettes (a single tricolor set normally setting you back $28). RIGHT!? OH, THE MATH! OH, THE STEAL!!!!!

Frankly, it’s just good common sense.

And finally, my favorite holiday beauty gift set gifts for self and others… the Sephora Favorites Sets.

This year they have quite a few perfume samplers which really don’t jazz me too much, but their lip collection this year? OH MY.



This is the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip. It is $25.


It contains:
– 0.03 oz Urban Decay Mini Naked Revolution Lipstick (full size is 0.09oz for $22)
– 0.12 oz Nars Deluxe Orgasm Lip Gloss (full size is 0.18oz for $26)
– 0.07 oz Buxom Mini Full On Lip Cream in White Russian (full size is 0.14oz for $19)
– 0.02 oz Marc Jacobs Mini Lust for Lacquer in Kissability (full size is 0.16oz for $28)
– 0.05 oz Deluxe Bite High Pigment Lip Pencil in Meritage (full size 0.09oz for $24)
– 0.20 oz Full-size Smashbox Be Legendary Gloss in Pout (full size 0.20oz for $20)

God bless us, everyone!

If you’ve found any great gift set deals, do tell below! And tune in next week when I’ll list some gift ideas for the beauty buff in your life!