job interview

Whether you’re freshman or a super-senior undergrad, it’s never too early to set your horizons on that highly desired career. We’re not all in college to rack up student debt and make a bunch of friends. The first part tags along uninvited and the latter comes naturally. Instead, we’re here hoping to educate ourselves and stand out enough from the rest to find the Holy Grail (dream job).


Coming from a senior, believe me when I say that our school has exhaustive career resources, and don’t wait to check them out. I say this for a number of reasons. First, this will force you to make a professional resume. This is your chance to cram as much relevant information into one single page (yes, don’t go over one) and is typically the first thing your potential employer will see of you. Be careful, though, because if your resume far exceeds your personality and skills, you’ll find yourself with a job way out of your league. It’s happened to me.


Second, you get to dip your toes in the “big boy job world”. You will get shot down from jobs that you can picture yourself doing for the rest of your life, and this is totally fine. Roll with the punches, and come back stronger each time. The more interviews I find myself doing, the more personable and professional I become, as I imagine it to be the same for most. Practice makes perfect.


Third, career fairs and/or job interviews are great ways of putting your future into perspective. Sure, saving all of the polar bears from sea level rise would be great and sounds really cool, but are you willing to go through everything necessary to even get involved? The point is, find out exactly what it takes to get to where you want to be (career-wise), and if you’re still willing and able, take a swing at it! Too many students take too long to decide what they want to do. Take my word for it, figure it out sooner than later, and the only way of doing so is to get out into that job world and practice until perfect.