Ah, Boulder. The city so renowned for its quirkiness that the name itself has become an adjective. GCM Media and J2 Media are looking to capitalize on said quirkiness with a new TV show based on the city called That’s So Boulder! (yes, with the exclamation point and all…)

The show highlights a group of quirky friends in Boulder (have I said quirky already? I really wanted to emphasize quirky) who are the most stereotyped stereotypes of Boulder rich kid millennials who are incapable of “adulting” and are being cut off from daddy’s trust fund.

Characters of the show include Chip, who “even eats non-organic meat from time to time and isn’t afraid to let people watch him do it,” Taylor, a “total punk rock hippie,” Grant, who is “everything that Boulder likes: white, pretty, and supposedly successful,” and Russell, a metrosexual Latino who “loves Boulder, but Boulder does not love him back [because] he has money but can’t ever seem to win.”

Episodes include a dog finding a hotel room while its owners cannot, creating a beaten up Subaru instead of buying a car, and the horrors of a non-organic pumpkin spice cookie.

Did I mention this show is quirky? And set in Boulder? Also, shouldn’t it really have been called Boulderlandia?