Tucked away in a small complex on the Hill, sandwiched between Dot’s Diner and Cosmo’s Pizza, lies is a hidden gem. The No Name Bar, connected to Cosmo’s Pizza is a hip, speakeasy-esque bar. Its entrance, a large, elegant wooden door, stands alone in a dark corner beneath a set of outdoor stairs. At first glance, it appears to lead nowhere—it lacks the typical outdoor lighting that announces a restaurant or bar’s presence. And, most peculiarly, it lacks a sign. Their business card matchbooks that line the bar neither have any contact information nor any name, marked with a simple ‘C’ to signify its partnership with Cosmo’s. With no website, and only a modest Facebook with once-daily posts about their upcoming events, the No Name bar is, to say the least, difficult to come across.

no name door

Furnished with three booths, large enough to squeeze you and seven of you friends (that is, if you like each other well enough), a wrap-around wooden bar and a handful of tall round tables, No Name is an intimate bar with elegant character. Typically, visitors come for a late-night beer or cocktail, however within the first few hours of opening, No Name offers an alluring happy hour. If you walk into No Name between the hours of 4-7pm, your nostrils will be filled with the tempting, warm smell of freshly baked pizza. For a mere $6.00 you can enjoy a pint of one of their signature beers on tap (including Modus Hoperandi and 90 Shilling) and one of the characteristically large slices of Cosmo’s pizza on a white ceramic plate. You get the choice of either a cheese or pepperoni slice for their happy hour special. In contrast to Cosmo’s long line and hectic crowds, No Name offers a more relaxed and luxurious atmosphere to enjoy your meal. If you’re a fan of condiments and are unfamiliar with Cosmo’s Pizza, be sure to ask for a side of their spicy ranch. It’s an extra fifty cents that you won’t regret.

bar no name

If you happen to not be in the mood for a slice of pizza, or perhaps maybe your taste buds have turned on you, then you can also partake in No Name’s $1.00 off beer special. In comparison to surrounding Boulder restaurants, the options for No Name’s happy hour are not overwhelming. However, its modest happy hour reflects the simplicity of the bar. One visit will have you coming back again and again.