Does the idea of going to church make you cringe? Don’t just go with the flow of  a “we’ve always done it that way” mentality.  Instead, find your own personal embassy at the International Church of Cannabis (ICOC), located at the corner of Logan St. and Dakota Ave. in Denver.  As a ceremonial gesture to the cannabis culture, the church opened on April 20, 2017.   The church provides a place for parishioners to attend events that include guest speakers, films, art, and spiritual topics. The church offers an open house for the public  every Thursday through Sunday.

What is an Elevationist? Plain and simple, you are joined by other like-minded individuals who seek the best version of themselves. During events at the church, a guide leads the congregation in a spiritual practice in which the sacrament is cannabis.  As an Elevationist,  the spiritual journey is yours to create.  There is only one rule; treat others the way you want to be treated.  To become an Elevationist, simply complete the registration here.

Stained glass, move over.  There are no stained glass depictions of Christ or angels in the sanctuary.  As the Elevationist’s new home, the old building was transformed into an architectural canvas for two world-renowned artists.  On the outside, Kenny Scharf’s whimsical approach to the universe and its cosmic power can be seen on the once broken windows of the old church.  Mr. Scharf’s repertoire includes album covers and even an animated series for Adult Swim. On the inside of the church, artist Okuda San Miguel blends pop surrealism with the meaning of life in a masterpiece of geometric shapes and impactful color.  His work exudes the natural world, occasionally interrupted by modernism.  Mr. San Miguel’s work graces the walls of old factories, churches, museums, and parks around the world.  Once you see his work, you’ll recognize every piece you ever encounter. The church artwork makes one feels as though they are in an urban museum rather than a place of reverence.

Volunteer in the name of cannabis!  Like any church, there is much work to be done.  As a non-profit, the ICOC relies on volunteers and donations.  Working hard to make a name in the community, the church wants to make a great impression on all who enter.  The church needs volunteers to work at the front desk and in the gift shop during public business hours.  If you have a few hours to give in the name of cannabis, click here to volunteer.   While you at the website, you might as well sign up to win a #CannabisWedding at the International Church of Cannabis for the happy couple and 200 guests.

In the words of the Dali Lama, “ All religions are essentially the same in their goal of developing a good human heart so that we may become better human beings.”  Like the Elevationists, the goal here is not to dictate a religion or belief, but to bring us all together for the good of humanity.   If you are looking for a playful approach to joy and optimism, you may want to consider the International Church of Cannabis, the first of its kind in Colorado.

Peace, Love, and Power of Cannabis.