Boulder is a city full of transplants. People from all over migrate to Boulder for the countless outdoor activities, the beautiful scenery, the culture focused on sustainability and healthy living, among other reasons. Today I sat down with Sarah Filler: a new Boulderite, an avid climber, and setter at the world-renowned climbing gym, The Spot, to talk about living and climbing in Boulder.


Climbing in RMNP

Where were you living before Boulder?

Originally from Buffalo, NY, and I spent a short time in Salt Lake City.

What inspired the move?

            I wanted to branch out and experience living in another place, which is how I ended up in Salt Lake, but the desire to be outside, in an area with climbing so close to home, is what convinced me to move to Boulder. Living here allows me to work at a great gym, climb amazing rock, and meet a bunch of other people interested in the same life-style as me.

What is your favorite part about living in Boulder?

            How close all of the climbing is, you can drive ten minutes and be at beautiful climbs. Living in Buffalo, there was climbing, but the closet place could take up to an hour and half to get to, depending on how much traffic you have to battle. In Boulder, I can go to the Flatirons, Flagstaff, or Boulder Canyon without having to deal with traffic jams. Really, the outdoors is just way more accessible.


Sarah doing her thing, setting at The Spot

What is your favorite climbing area in the Front Range? 

            I want to say Rocky Mountain National Park, but, in the Front Range, I would have to say the Satellite Boulders. I’ve been there the most, the climbing is great, and there are always other groups of climbers there to help spot, haul up crash pads, and hang out with while you climb.

What places and things would you recommend for new Boulderites?

            Join a climbing gym, it is a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re looking for partners to get outside with. Go explore new places; whether you want to climb or just hike, Chautauqua is great. For rest days, there are five-dollar movies on Tuesdays at Century Theatre. During the summer, on Thursday nights, there are Boulder bike cruises, and I definitely recommend grabbing some Sweet Cow.