Summer is officially in full swing. We’ve gotten an obscene amount of rain, and now the grass is greener than ever!  You could choose to take a walk or drive your car around, but if you opt with biking, it’s fast and fuel efficient! We love to be fast and fuel efficient at About Boulder, and because we got such an overwhelmingly great response last time, we’re going to give away another annual B-Cycle pass to one lucky winner on today’s pay-it-forward-Friday!


There are ten B-Cycles scattered throughout Boulder with the logo on them. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find one of the B-Cycles with‘s logo on the basket. When you find a winning bicycle, take a picture with it and email the picture to We will randomly choose one of the submissions we get between now and the end of the day, and we will announce a winner by tomorrow morning.


What does this annual pass entail, you ask? Well, it gives you access to use any B-Cycles  around the country, 24/7, all year! You can take as many trips as you like, and as long as you keep each trip under 30 minutes, you won’t pay a dime. Usage fees of $3 per half hour apply to all trips over 30 minutes. If you find the winning bike and don’t feel the need to use the pass, however, you can simply pay-it-forward and give it to someone else! That’s what “paying it forward” is all about, anyway- it’s about doing something nice for somebody. So, even if you don’t need the subscription, you can surely find someone who does. And what better way to put a smile on their face than to give them an annual Boulder B-Cycle pass?

Anyway, you’d better get going. There’s a lot of B-Cycle stations out there, so you’d better start looking for one of those bikes!