With direct deposits on their way in the next two weeks, how can individuals and families get the most out of their checks? Here are 10 options for Boulderites on how to spend their stimulus checks:

  1. Get those bills paid! – Most of us need this to simply get by, putting food on the table and paying for rent, gas, and other bills.

  2. Savings, savings, savings – If you can afford to, it could be best to put this straight into the rainy day fund, who knows how long this will last

  3. Be ready to invest – Stocks are on sale, but who knows where the bottom is. A little extra cash on hand to invest could pay off in the long run

  4. Treat Yo-Self! – Whether thats a cold beer, something to relieve the stress, or a date night at home, it’s great to use a little bit on yourself, if you can make it work.

  5. Invest in yourself – Whether it’s starting a small business, learning a new language, or taking up a new hobby, spending a little extra money on self improvement could be the best investment you make!

  6. Give to Charity – Now, more than ever, your money can go to great, life saving causes.

  7. Support your local restaurants and small businesses – With more and more small businesses on the brink of shutting the doors forever, spend money on the places you want to see around for longer

  8. Start a travel fund – This won’t last forever, so start a fund to travel, see family or friends, or just get away once this is all over!

  9. Pay off a credit card, or other interest accumulating debt – If you have your normal bills covered, this could be a great way to save on interest from previous debt

  10. Help Someone in need – Whether its a nurse working 12 hour shift after 12 hour shift, or a family member struggling to feed their kids, remember even if you’re doing okay right now, many of your fellow Boulderites and Americans are struggling. If you don’t need it, maybe somebody you are close to does.