Skoop— A Boulder company with a unique charity commitment along with their whole-food sourced sports drink . To help a “starving”  (for nutrition) nation, Skoop has made it their mission to create a sports recovery drink that returns to a more natural form. They create healthy drink mixes to be consumed post-exercise for optimal recovery, but also for any person trying to add extra nutrition to their diet.

“We partnered with the Chef Ann Foundation to create Project Produce. Chef Ann Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to providing tools to enable schools to progress from serving highly processed, unhealthy food to serving fresh scratch-cooked food. Project Produce is a joint effort between Skoop and Chef Ann Foundation to provide grants for fresh fruits and veggies to schools across the country. Schools who qualify for the grants use the money to purchase fresh fruits and veggies for the kids to sample and educate the kids about healthy eating in fun, creative ways.”


“We’ve got plenty of food. Or at least we’ve got plenty of stuff that passes for it. But when it comes to nutrition, we’re all hungry for a solution. We created Skoop to be part of a solution. Not just for those with enough money for a personal nutritionist. Not just for those who live within easy access to organic farmland. The way we see it, everyone, everywhere deserves access to the very best nutrition available. Real nutrition that comes from real foods, not a lab. Nutrition that’s affordable, sustainable, and ethical. And in plants, we found the most powerful way to provide it.”



With the help of Dr. James Rouse, Skoop’s co-founder and product formulator, the drink has been engineered to meet the health needs for people to build absorb nutrients while recovering from workouts and daily life.

the skoop troop


Each member of the “Skoop Troop” has a passion for healthy living, nutrition, and has developed the knowledge outside of their positions at Skoop to effectively translate their passions into their work. Skoop’s team is made up of a variety of skill-sets: from a holistic nutrition counselor, passionate ultrarunner, and former “Creative Director of the Decade” (as named by Adweek Magazine in 2010), and other colorful backgrounds, the business’s mission provokes healthy living and charity in all avenues of their lives.


Photos Via Skoop.