As you read this I am most likely curled up in an introverted heap with a book, knitting, sudoku, or some combination of the three.

And I am most likely loving it.

We’re going on a hut trip this Thanksgiving. A hut trip? A hut trip. This means I’m going to be holed up in the wilderness with no running water nor electricity for four days.

While I’m looking forward to justifiably wearing as many fleece based clothing items as humanly possible, I will not have internet. Thus, I’ve decided to leave you with the very capable advice and application techniques of some of my favorite Beauty Vloggers.

Falling down their rabbit holes is probably my fourth favorite introverted thing to do.

1) Lisa Eldridge
I’ve mentioned her previously, but really. She is my fave guru. Her instructions are lullabies, her results a dream.

Screen Shot of Lisa Eldridge Dinner Date Makeup

2) Marlena AKA Makeup Geek
After marveling at her transformation in her Britney Spears, “Slave 4 U,” make-up a video I was an instant fan (I have a soft spot for the unrecognized genius of the late ’90s/early ’00s pop stars).

Screen Shot of You Tube Makeup Geek

3) Michelle Phan
If Lisa Eldridge has the narration lullaby, Michelle Phan has the brainwashing narrative (at least her videos circa 2009). Calm, measured, persuasive. I’m glad her passion lies in make-up and not world domination, because girlfriend commits. She will bust out wigs, contacts, and whole outfits to achieve her vision.

Screen Shot You Tube Michelle Phan

4) Zoe AKA Zoella
I want to be annoyed by her. I really do. She’s so “twee” (do people still use that term?). But I can’t help it. She goes past saccharine and right into my heart. Or maybe I’m just entranced by British prosody. I mean, really. A British voice turns words into glitter. It just does.

Screen Shot of Zoella on YouTube

So, sit back with a hot beverage, a snuggly blanket and enjoy! Tune in next week when we look at gift ideas for the beautiful people in your life.