Growing older is an unavoidable reality for us all but many seniors are just as feisty and full of life as young people. They still want to be independent and carry on with their daily lives as they always have. Life for seniors comes with more challenges because of common health conditions like arthritis, poor vision, weakened muscles, and cognitive impairment but there are many ways to help them maintain their independence. By making improvements to their homes and providing the right equipment, you can make a huge difference. 

Here are some useful items that can help your senior loved ones have an easier and more comfortable life. 

1. Motion Sensor Lights

It’s an unfortunate risk for seniors with impaired vision that they may fall over at night when rushing to the toilet in the dark. Motion sensor lights are very useful because they will automatically illuminate the home when someone passes by. Your elderly loved one won’t have to worry about finding switches in the dark or bumping into something. Motion sensor lights are customizable so you can set the lights to stay on for 30 seconds or until they are manually switched off. This will keep your loved one safe and will also save money on electricity bills. 

Motion sensor lights are also a great option if your senior loved one is sharing their home with other people. They will give them the light they need to get safely to the bathroom or kitchen at night without waking anybody else by lighting up the whole room. These smart lights should help to reduce the risk of falls at night and make the home safer for your senior loved ones.

2. A Wheelchair

Providing your loved ones with a wheelchair will provide them with the freedom and independence they need to get around on their own. Seniors often feel frustrated, or even depressed, as they are not able to move around independently and have to rely on other people. This problem can be solved easily, however, as wheelchairs have come a long way, and there are now many different options depending on the needs and limitations of the user. If your loved one still has strength and mobility in their arms, they may be able to use a manual wheelchair which will help to keep their upper body strength. If not, you can buy them an automatic wheelchair that has a built-in motor so all they need to do is press a few buttons. 

3. A Stairlift

Common conditions that affect elderly people, such as arthritis, body pains, and balance issues, can make maneuvering up and down stairs difficult for them. On days when these conditions get worse, it may not be possible for them to use the stairs at all. If your loved one is living in a home with stairs, you may want to consider installing a stairlift for them. This will help them to avoid falling or tripping on the stairs, which can lead to major injuries. With a stairlift, they will be able to get up and down the stairs safely and comfortably which will help them to be more comfortable and independent. 

4. A Bed Lever

As we age, the ability to get in and out of bed gets harder, especially on chilly days, but a bed lever can make all the difference. This equipment can be positioned about a third of the way down the bed so that your elderly loved one will have something to hold on to when they are getting into bed. For seniors with certain conditions, moving in bed when lying down can also be problematic. This is another time when a bed lever comes in handy as support to shift themselves up or turn over. You can choose between a freestanding style bed lever or one that slots between the mattress and bed frame.

5. Adaptive Clothing

When mobility skills decrease, even simple tasks like putting on clothes can become problematic. To make this easier for your loved ones, get them some adaptive clothing. These items usually come with hidden fastenings to make putting on clothing, accessories, and nightwear so much easier. There are options for men and women which are durable and machine washable. Getting help with this simple, daily task can help make your senior loved one’s life a lot more comfortable.


Changes in strength and balance can cause a lot of frustration and unhappiness. Even our own homes can become dangerous places when our bodies don’t quite work as well as they used to. Consider these options and the needs of your elderly loved ones when you are looking at ways to make them more comfortable. The right choice of equipment and devices can make a whole lot of difference in their quality of life.