Do you feel like there just isn’t enough time to spend time with those you love? Or maybe even feeling guilty enjoying that free time with your family because there is too much “stuff” to get done?!

Well, we’ve all seen in the movies how Iron Man’s assistant JARVIS not only helps him get out of a sticky situations, but also manage his life in an entirely intelligent way.

This type of technology is becoming a reality with a new app from a Boulder-based startup who mission is to create intelligent software for ambitious people so they can be free of overwhelm to achieve their dreams in a balanced way.

How you might ask? Good question.

You see “to-do” lists have not kept up with the rest of our technology. The problem is they are “dumb” meaning there is no context, no way to react to a change in the real world. Even electronic to-do lists are just “dumb” digital information with no memory or reaction to changing circumstances.

Everyday we live our lives and spend our time (our most precious resource) and then just throw away that data by throwing our task lists in the trash never to be viewed again.

Eric James, Founder of has figured out that there is actually much to be learned from this data. Combining this with advances in Artificial Intelligence, and Behavioral Psychology can make a big big difference is creating compelling, fun, and effective days without all the overwhelm.

He is just getting ready to launch the first version and asking for Beta Tester to give feedback and help shape the final product. The coolest part according to Mr. James is that DaVinci actually learns over time to not only improve your life but the lives of all the others users. The more data, the better it gets.

If that sounds like fun, and you’d like to help you can check it out here: